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    Image by langwitches
    This is a work in progress so please check back if you cannot find what you are looking for - better still, create and share some of your own stories!
    UPDATE: 23. 6.2011 Examples of GoAnimate, My eBook and Voicethread in French added today. Grateful thanks to @sylviaduckworth for sharing! Your contributions are welcome, too!

    You can view the contents of the wiki as a guest but you have to be a member to edit/add resources. To request membership, click the 'Join this Wiki' link at the top of the left-hand menu.
    NB - If the story you are uploading is student-created, please add details of lesson context, student age/level etc.
    Why another new wiki?
    To highlight some of the ever-increasing number of free, creative Web 2.0 storytelling tools available to students and educators and to encourage their use in the languages classroom.
    TakeTake a look
    It's great to share!
    Language teachers - if you or your pupils have created a digital story in French, Spanish, German or Italian using any of the applications below, and you have permission to share it, please feel free to add it at the top of the table on the relevant page on the wiki, embedding where possible or inserting a link to the story. Together, we can build a great archive of ideas and celebrate the creativity of language teachers and their students!
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    Greetings Aliens by Jackie Berry @rubiales62
    Simple greetings in French for beginners.
    {Au restaurant comic.ppt}
    Here is a toondoo I used as part of a lesson "au restaurant", I would hand out the bits of the cartoon strips and get pupils to put them in order.

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