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La Vida es un Canimo Sinuoso by Maggie Mandt

Recollections of childhood - 'Cuando era niña...' Student-created story.

La clase by La clase de Maestra Webb y Maestra Perez
Simple book created using children's drawings and photos of their classroom.
Children have written sentences with structure 'En la clase de...hay...' . Practice
using key structure and adjectival agreement. Narration by children themselves.

En el Jardín by Lisa Stevens ' @lisibo
Lovely simple story from Lisa, focusing on sentence structure -
'En el jardín hay...' + noun + adjective. Very useful for KS2 - chn could use as
a template to create their own sentences with adjectival agreement
and key structure.

El gato y el sombrero by Andrea Spencer
Short story in the present tense.

El Cruce de los Andes Tercer grado
Historical recount in Spanish of the liberation of Chile by a 3rd grade class
of native speakers. Lovely use of their classroom display of plasticine models to
tell the story. Useful idea with cross-curricular possibilities perhaps?