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Noé et les animaux by Jonathan
Story based on Noah's Ark with lots of animals and a translation in English.
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Le chapeau de Merlin by Karine Bonnefoi
What is hiding in Merlin's hat? Simple story with fruits and structure ' y a'. Great as a basis for producing own sentences and story versions using a different adverbial phrase and nouns.
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Je Sais Compter à 10 - Jackie Berry @rubiales62
Simple story to practise counting to 10 in French in answer to the question 'Combien de...?'.
Adapted from an English story 'I Can Count to 10', created by denali
NB - Number words deliberatley not written in the book to encourage counting up from 1 each time!
This has been saved as an editable book so words for numbers could be added if required.
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Gaston le Cochon a Faim by Jackie Berry @rubiales62
Gaston le cochon is greedy with unhappy consequences!
A simple story in French for young learners with numbers (1 - 7), days of the week and foods.
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Zeetlebet voyage dans l'espace by Franck Martin
A lovely space-themed story with numbers,colours and adjectival agreement in French.
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Mes Animaux by Clare Seccombe MFL Sunderland's webmistress. Twitter: @valleseco
Simple story with animals, numbers and structure ''J'ai + noun'
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L'oiseau voleby Clare Seccombe MFL Sunderland's webmistress. Twitter: @valleseco
Lovely story of a bird and what he sees as he flies. Great for adjectives and agreement.
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Les amis de Pinpin le lapin by Marina Tradounsky
A charming little story with animals and rhyming names. Great for practising specific phonemes and as a basis for creating own versions with different animals perhaps.